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Workshop 1 – Preliminary Design

Note: Please bring your laptop or tablet for this workshop – If you don’t have access to one, contact me prior to the workshop for special instructions.

  • Overview of the design process
  • Identification of your personal design style
  • Identification of all uses/purposes of your room
  • Identification of existing furniture/items that you intend to keep
  • Share 1 to 3 “inspiration” pictures or items.  This can be anything from a specific colour you love, to a photo of an interior that inspires you, to a cushion cover you purchased.  All you need to do is be able to explain why you are attracted to it
  • Create a “to scale” furniture plan of your room using interior design software – you will need to provide overall dimensions of your room and a few photos showing window/door locations, radiators, fireplaces, and other architectural details BEFORE attending this session, if possible.  This is so an accurate floor plan can be ready to go when you start the workshop. A 3D model will also be generated so that you can see your room in a more realistic view.
  • Create an electronic mood board using digital software available on-line that will identify the overall colour scheme, furniture pieces, flooring materials, wall/ceiling materials, window coverings, basic lighting layout and identification of focal points and/or customized requirements
  • List of upholstery, fabrics, drapery or window coverings, flooring material/rugs, wall coverings and paint needed for the completion of your design
  • Preliminary budget review
  • List of individualized items to be completed by you before attending session 2 – this will help to make the most of your time in the actual workshops


Workshop 2 – Shopping Trip For Fabric & Material Samples

  • Meet at a local large fabric store (details will be provided once you sign up for session 2)
  • Specify fabrics, upholstery, window coverings and/or drapery fabrics – hopefully, you will walk out with fabric samples and pricing of fabrics.  The selections are quite large and you will most likely find the perfect selections during this session.
  • Those attendees who need to specify new flooring material will continue on to a large flooring store to get samples and pricing.  Location to be determined based on individual needs.
  • Progress review of your budget
  • List of individualized items to be completed by you before attending session 3 – this will help to make the most of your time in the actual workshops


Workshop 3 – Finalising Your Customised Room Design

Note: Please bring your laptop, tablet or printouts of your mood board

  • Review of overall design plan and specifications
  • Review customized areas, such as, custom designed cushions/drapery, fireplace surrounds, mouldings and/or built-ins
  • Discuss and reconcile any “problem areas” or changes that you would like to make
  • Create detailed lighting plan of your room to identify location and type of fixture including table/floor lamps, wall sconces, recessed ceiling lights, accent lighting, artwork lighting etc.  This will also include on/off switch locations and uses of dimmers.
  • Create detailed finish plan of your room to identify location of paint colours, wall covering, flooring and ceiling finishes.  This plan will help you communicate with your decorator more effectively
  • Final budget review


Workshop 4 – Final Shopping Trip

  • Meet at several local shops for standout accessories, lamps, photo frames, artwork, etc. (details will be provided once you sign up for session 4)
  • Create accessories and wall art location plan
  • Any miscellaneous items that are unresolved will be discussed and a path forward for each attendee will be identified.

Congratulations On Completing The Plans For Your Personalised Designer Room!

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